Thursday, 5 May 2016

Milan vs Rome


The New York Times has recently published an article on the fall of Rome and the ascent of Milan. It's an old debate that recently Milan seems to be winning. I'm not surprised. Living in Milan is a far cry from the majority of expat lives I read about in the blogs I follow, and I think it's spoiling me for life in other parts of Italy. 

There's something to be said for clean streets, good public transport and recycling... even if we haven't got the colosseum. 

All hail the new Italian capital!


Rowena said...

Oh us people from the north! I still remember the time I visited my cousin in Lazio who was here temporarily for work. Her neighbor (oddly enough, a swedish woman married to an italian) called us "those northerners" when my cousin said that we'd be driving down for a visit. Dear cousin couldn't understand the negative vibe, so I just said that everybody envies the north for doing things better.

Laruchka said...

Haha to be fair if I was meridionale I'd probably hate the polentoni too. We are insufferably smug.