Friday, 13 May 2016

Eurovision 2016

Aaaand it's that time of year again. The Eurovision song contest final is on tomorrow evening and I can't wait.

This year's entries are all pretty fair - nothing outrageously bad or good, which is disappointing, but at the same time I don't really watch Eurovision for the music. I've trawelled through about half the videos and not realy found anything funny either but the voting is always mystifying and wonderful.
So I'm excited but not THAT excited. That said -


...So what are the main things to know about Eurovision this year?
  1. Russia vs Ukraine
This year's got a bit political. The Ukranian song is about the singer's grandparents' experiences as Crimean Tartars. Last year Ukraine was in too much turmoil to participate. the bookies have it in third place, while the Russian entry is number 1. The Russian entry is OK, but a bit wearing after a while. However the bookies generally have more success at picking a winer than I do.


Ukraine (of the two I prefer this one)

            2.  Sweden risk winning again.

This year's affair is already more sober as it costs a lot to host the event and they are heading in the direction of beating the Irish record. If they win this year as well it will be time to find the Swedish equivalent of Jedward to keep the votes at bay.
Sweden - I liked this one.

            3. Italy vs UK

Italy and the UK are battling it out for 8th and 9th place according to the bookies, although we've got the edge as we are at the end, whereas the Italy is on at the beginning. (Yes, that's right they actually think the UK have a half decent chance this year!)

Kudos to the Italians for singing in their native language.

UK - some good live performances as pushed them higher up the favourites table.

                4. France

People rate them this year. A French win really would be a turn up for the books (they're not going to win).

Kudos to the French for singing partialy in English


Oh I nearly forgot to mention....

Don't be surprised by an Australian win this year because they're back and they've got a much better song than last time. 

An Autstralian win is just what Eurovision needs this year!

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