Monday, 25 April 2016

The Carbonara Debacle

Here's the video, which according to the Italian press, has infuriated the web. It's a French made video showing the viewer how to make a one-pot-carbonara.

A is very upset by this video. Firstly because he maintains that if miners could make carbonara underground on their lunch break with two pots, then people at home have no excuse for boiling their pasta in the sauce. Secondly he is upset by the presence of cream, but above all he is upset about the inclusion of onions.

The Guardian, bless their socks, tried to step in and set everyone straight but only succeeded in angering their Italian readers further (Why nutmeg...?).

I can understand the uproar. It does look disgusting, but then you read in other news that people were queuing for two hours in the new shopping centre on the outskirts Milan to get some free KFC (incidentally the same weekend as a referendum nobody managed to get out and vote on).




Maybe we should be taking the Italians' outrage with a pinch of... nutmeg.