Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Red, the Fat and the Learned

My C2 Italian preparation hasn't got off to the best of starts. Last Thursday I got admitted to hospital for an emergency operation, and although I was back home on Saturday because the surgeons did a good job but I'm still out of it from the general anaesthtic. Today I managed a shower so I think I can just about manage to post some pictures from our trip to Bologna last weekend.

I had wanted to visit Bologna for some time because I had heard of it's culinary fame and was eager to try it first hand, so when our friend gave us a three course meal for two for Christmas, Bologna was the obvious choice of destination.

It was not for the faint of heart.

For first course we had a mix of
  • Lasagne with ragu
  • Tagliatelle with cream and beef mince
  • Tagliatelle with ragu
Followed by a Bolognese cotoletta which is similar to a Milanese cotoletta, but it is fried in lard, wrapped in ham and melted cheese and then covered in cream.  I managed about half of it. It is too much even for A.'s foody dad who eats everything.

It was all washed down with the local Lambrusco wine, which is one of my favourites as I am a total cheap date.

For dessert A. had the chocolate cake with marscapone. There was about four times as much Marscapone as cake on the plate.

In short, it was not hard to see why Bologna has the nickname Bologna La Grassa - Bologna the Fat.

Bologna is also known as the city of learning (Bologna la dotta - the learned) as it is home to the world's first university and it is also known for its red colour and its "red" politics (Bologna la rossa - the red).

We had a lot of fun hunting down all three nicknames in photo form.

The Universtity District

Bologna la Rossa

Bologna the red
The Learned

Bologna la grassa
Bologna the fat

A good choice of fruit for an orange-coloured city
If you ever get the chance do go. It's only an hour on the train from Milan so it makes the perfect day trip.

Taken by A as I couldn'tbring myself to  look down.
Although maybe don't climb the 90m torre dei asinelli  right after lunch.

It made me rather queasy!


Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love all of these photos...and now I am craving lasagna :)

Laruchka said...

Glad you liked them! We had a lot of fun taking them :)

Giannis said...

Nice Pics! Hope you are ok now from your surgery. Keep studing. The exams are almost here ^_^

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Lovely photos. Hope you are fully recovered now.

Laruchka said...

Hi Thanks both of you. I am feeling much better now.