Friday, 12 February 2016

One of Milan's Best Kept Secrets

Brown trout
I'm in bed with a (pretty poor excuse for a) fever,  - you know you've been in Italy too long when you stop saying temperature and start saying fever - so it seems like a good oportunity to share some photos with you from my latest discovery - L'acquario Civico di Milano.

The dreamy half light is very relaxing
You can find the acquarium in a corner of Parco Sempione in a pretty building with fish mosaics and a hippo fountain. It's pretty small. You can see it all in 30 mins (although I spent an hour going round it because I was taking pictures).  It doesn't have dolphins or sharks or anything dramatic, but it's got a selection of fresh water and salt water tanks.

Tropical Fish at the Aquarium of Milan

Go with low expectations on a rainy day and you will not regret it!

Fishy eyed

What is more its free from 16.30 until closing time at 17.30 and if you go during the day it's still only 5 euros.

If you've been or if you go I'd love to hear whether you enjoyed it or not.


Acquario Civile di Milano



Alistair Dunscombe said...

That anemone looks a little bit sad.. But it's a lovely photo! :)

Giannis said...

Welcome back Laura. :) . Beautiful pics as always. Is the last one a moray?

Laruchka said...

Hi Giannis, Thanks and yes I think it's a moray but I was too busy photographing to check the name tags carefully!