Sunday, 7 February 2016

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses and the 365 Project

Day 157

So, I logged in today after an embarrassingly long time (7 months) to discover my post on marrying Italians has become quite popular - over 2000 hits! Being used to having a very low profile blog I am almost freaked out by this, but also pleased to know that something I wrote was of actual interest. I even recieved my first spam comment...

I haven't been blogging at all for most of 2015 because firstly, I didn't feel I could write about my life in any way which was meaningful because my head was full of things which very much needed to  and need to remain private. Health problems... I know, it's a bit of a downer.

Day 13

On the other more positive hand, the other excuse is that I started a photography course in May, with a school called Bottega Immagine if anyone's interested, which had plenty of homework and an inspiring teacher. It really came at the right moment and has helped me no end psycologically and creatively. I completed the advanced course at the end of December and I've been very busy working on the project for the exhibition that was supposed to be today but has now been postponed.

Not only that, but I also started the 365 project, which involves taking a photo every day for one year. I've promised myself no pictures of my coffee, lunch, feet, plane wings, or other people's art to make sure I'm being creative. I'm on day 161 today so it's going well and I've learnt so much already despite using only the camera on my phone. You can find it on Flickr (I'm lcbrandon365) if you're really interested. I have hardly any followers and I'm pretty happy to keep it that way.

Day 150
 My final excuse is that I got a smart phone, so I'm not as often online on my computer as I was which means I wasn't checking the blog. I got myself a nice little instagram addiction when I was in and out of hospital and that also takes up more of my time than I should let it.

Day 100
I've been tempted to close down the blog but it seems a shame. I intend to get back to writing the blog for a bit before doing any thing drasic. If not once a week, I very much hope once a month. 

I leave you with some more pictures of Milan taken for my 365.

Day 94
Day 101

Day 52

Day 17


Rowena said...

No, no, no! Don't close the blog, just pop in whenever you feel up to it. I feel neglectful of my blog when I don't post at least once a week, but that's probaby because I am sure that no one wants to see photos of my fur kids all the time. Speaking of which, I ♥♥♥ day 150 -----i bassotti!!!!

Giannis said...

Welcome back again. I hope all the bad issues are gone by now. This blog and your instagram are some of my favorite "places". As for your flickr account, I went to take a look and... I was already a follower. I can't remember from when.

Welcome back again and I hope you will stay for a long time :)