Thursday, 18 June 2015

Things I've learnt about photography in 2015

Right now I could talk the hind leg off a donkey when it comes to photography. I'm having a very creative moment due to the coinciding of my photography course and a spot of unemployment.
I'm going to keep it brief-ish though as this is probably not the place to go into detail but it really feels like the technical aspects are all coming together* and allowing me to go on to the next step in expressing myself.

Scrap what I wrote a few years back, I am no longer one of them. It's just so much easier to use the camera on manual as soon as you want to take photos in situations that aren't all outside and in bright daylight. Hey, it only took 4 years of practice.

A Momento Milanese in white, red and black.

Here are the 7 things I've learnt recently.

1. Take the photos you would like to take. I've wanted to take more portraits for a long time now but haven't had the guts to even ask anyone other than close family. Finally I have taken the next step and done some couple's shoots for friends and it was a lot of fun and my photos came out nicely.

Can't take this on automatic.

2. Share only the photos you like the best. Making choices is the hardest but most necessary part of photography.

THIS one is the BEST

3. Get other people's opinions because often they will see things that you missed. Instagram/Flikr can be fairly useful in this respect because you will at least know which pictures made the most impact even if few people will stop to tell you why they liked something.

4. Criticisms or bad comments are useful because either you will decide you agree with them and learn from them, or you will decide that you disagree and you are one step closer to finding out what you want and like in a photo.

Ripping up the rule book on shooting (the backs of) hands.

5. It is better to use your head before pressing the shutter because trawling through 30 slightly different photos of the same thing to find the 'right' one is massively time consuming.

6. Get a comfortable neck strap and a large SD card. Not doing so is a false economy. Charge your battery after using the camera, not before.

Storm over Milan: If hadn't had my camera...

7. Everything you want to know is on youtube.

No, really.

*Except panning. I'm really crap at that.

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