Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Night of a Thousand Hashtags, I mean, Lanterns

A magical night, so the flyers went... A June sunset filled with a thousand lanterns glimmering in the sky reflecting in the dark waters of the canal. Prayers for peace for all who gather as silence falls over this corner of Milan. The first time the Milanese will have witnessed such a spectacle.

Eventi Milano

Except it wasn't exactly like that.

Vantage point
For those who arrived early there was a good hour or so of waiting whilst perched on Daddy's shoulders, bins, parked motorbikes...
But more people were arriving, and yet more people were arriving. It took me two attempts to get on a train and then 15 minutes to exit the metro station such was the crush.

The inexorable flow of people from the metro and tram stops.

 I really hope that meter isn't running.
The crowds were swelling and swelling and the traffic was getting caught out in the surrounding streets. Any car that tried to pass was trapped. In fact anybody who was trying to go on foot got trapped. It seemed the organisers had failed to let the public authorities know that over 40,000 people had already said yes on Facebook.

Amazingly nobody fell in
 I tried to stand on tip toe but I couldn't see anything. So then I thought maybe if I could get my camera high enough I would at least be able to see the canal. I couldn't.

I think this man was all of us.
 It turned out I wasn't the only one in Milan who had bothered to show up.

Then the police came
 Then the police came and got as hopelessly trapped as the rest of us. The flashing of the lights and wailing of the sirens proved futile. They started getting out the car and shouting, but that proved futile too.

At last a lantern!

When the lanterns came there were two of them. 
I decided it was time to slowly weave my way back home.

And that was that. Tens of thousands of people gathered to watch precisely nothing. A hilarious fail on epic proportions.

Unconfirmed sources put the crowd at 150,000


Alistair Dunscombe said...

What a shame! That could've been such a wonderful sight.
Any ideas what went wrong?

Laruchka said...

@alistair Yeah... maybe some actual lanterns next time.

Alistair Dunscombe said...

AH! Of course!!

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, what a shame!

Giannis said...

Hello! Are you on vacations? Aw I can see the blog has over a month to be updated. We 're waiting your blog update :)