Monday, 1 June 2015

La Certosa di Pavia

On Sunday morning A and I were up at the crack of dawn (it was a very wide crack) and set off for Pavia. Now a lot of people were enjoying their long weekends in exotic places like London or Liguria but A and I found ourselves with somewhat more limited options because 1) he hasn't got a long weekend and 2) it was forecast to rain in the mountains.

We had to head South. The only problem with heading South was that coastwards all the hotels were blocked and Tuscanywards is a big drive for just a day trip. So we set on Pavia and the Certosa which we had visited some years ago and which my abiding memory of was coming face to face with a massive albino nutria rat.

It was time to give the Certosa a second chance.

La Certosa di Pavia.
 Alas, with one thing and another, (the TomTom took us through the centre of Milan and we caught red light after red light) we had the misfortune to arrive just after the first tour busses had arrived and it was getting crowded. The first two photos were taken in a lucky lull.

Figure for scale.
 Inside the church they were ensuring nobody took any photos and letting only 40 people in at a time to see the abbey.

 The beautiful summer morning turned into the classic Milanese humid grey white-out.

 And we didn't have much change for the parking meter. So our visit was very brief.

Rice Fields
All the same I feel like it wasn't a total failure. The best part was driving back through all the rice fields with all the wild rice escaping along the verges.

We'll go again another off peak season in a few more years probably!

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