Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Eurovision 2015 is HERE!

It's generally best to watch Eurovision with a little preparation beforehand. Otherwise the 3 hours can be a bit too much if you don't know what to look out for. I've trawled through all the entries this year so you don't have to.

The main thing to know is that AUSTRALIA are competing!

But other than that:

The Good (by good I mean, good for Eurovision)

Sweden (I mean obviously). They are currently the favourites to win, probably because it's the best song.

Norway (obviously) but I don't think it's stronger than the Swedish entry. Just the first of the many male/female duets.

Slovenia - sounds like something you might actually hear on the radio and slightly Bond.

Estonia: another bookie's favourite along with Australia. 

Lativia - it's a bit wierd. I'm not sure what's it's doing on Eurovision.

The Bad
The UK: It's catchy, but is it good? No.

San Marino: unnecessarily frantic.

The Ugly
Italy -a never ending crescendo with idiotic lyrics. I dislike this song so much I have yet to sit through the entirety of it. It is also the second favourite to win. Dear Lord, can this be true?

Spain (excessive use of drumming, wind machines and eagles)

The Dull
Russia - A rather classic eurovision entry about peace and harmony but will the political events have any kind of effect on votes from their neighbours this year? I should think they won't be getting 12 points from Ukraine this year since they annexed the Russia voting half at least... but this is Eurovision so you never know!

See also: everyone one else, who pretty much all seem to have chosen female singers with ballads including Germany who are trying to repeat their win with Lena and Satellite with a very similar artist with a very familiar singing style. Nice try Germany.


Giannis said...

But where is the greek song?

Laruchka said...

Good question giannis! I can't remember it in particular despite having heard it more than once so I left it out as being neither amazing nor terrible! I have yet to vote for a winner yet though so that might make my omission an advantage 😉

Anonymous said...

Useful summary. Can you think of a 'Eurosong' that has made it on to a list (even top 500) of, say, NME or Rolling Stone greatest singles? Are these journals being elitist? D

Grace said...

Going Gently backs Serbia, Beauty Never Lies ,calls it " an uplifting message sung by a sassy underdog with a weight issue"

Louisette said...

Good luck for every singer,and the best win.

Laruchka said...

Thanks for the comments!

Annonymous: I'm sorry I'm not a real Eurovision expert I just like watching it... Loreen for Sweden got a fair amount of critical acclaim I think and Abba's Waterloo is still played often - no idea if they ever got onto lists!

Grace: I thought the Serbia entry was a bit OTT (not that that's actually a bad thing at Eurovision) and the title needed a rethink.

Louisette: thanks for all your comments.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Oh, I loved Il Volo!