Monday, 20 April 2015

St Francis' Mountain Retreat: Photo Essay in Black and White

We spent Easter Weekend in Assisi, Umbria. Due to the poor weather - it was so cold it actually snowed in Gubbio on Easter Monday - we set off on our first day for the slopes of Mount Subasio to see St Francis' mountain retreat, while the weather forecasts were still hopeful.

The light was doubly filtered by the overcast sky and trees and therefore very soft and flat. The forest and mountain were still in their winter colourless state and there was a chill wind. The overwhelming feeling was one of sleepy tranquillity.

Through the Trees
Eremo Delle Carceri
In Contemplation
Tree Roots

The Monastery

Immersed in Nature

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Japan comes to a small corner of Milan

The sunken garden in Parco Portello

so soft

In the shade

Have a very Happy Easter Weekend!