Thursday, 15 January 2015

Turin from on High

Boxing day was a beautiful day. Actually, so was Christmas, but we were too busy eating to notice. We were supposed to be meeting up with our friend Marco but he was too busy sleeping off his partying, so we headed out for a long walk through the woods behind the castle of Rivoli.

From the Castello di Rivoli

It was a great day for looking at Turin. It was fairly clear, the pollution was low, we could even see the hills on the other side of the city. Turin sits in a mountainous cradle which means it has some of the worst air in Italy, but the peaks surrounding it make for a very atmospheric backdrop.

Follow Corso Francia (one of the longest streets in Europe) from Rivoli to the Superga (the tiny dot on the hill)
Then Marco came in a hurry to meet us on our way home. I think he was feeling bad about the partying but what are true friends for if you can't occasionally stand them up without fear of offence?! We decided it would be cool to hang out some more, but where? Then he suggested the Superga, and I didn't know what it was, but when I realised it was that church on the hill I've been admiring from afar for years I was very excited.

A then had to embarrassedly admit he is probably the only Turinese adult to have never been there and so we knew definitely had to go. 

We went for sunset and it was well worth it. There were a lot of people up there with the same idea, but since there is a lot of viewing space it didn't feel too cramped.

La Superga in the sun.
We walked around the church and saw the commemoration to the airplane crash on the hill of Turin's other football team. Sadly it killed most of the team and Il Toro have never been as strong again.

Then we watched some wild boar until some idiots threw some nuts for them AT them and they ran away into the dark.
Sunset over Monviso
 Then we went inside the church to have a look around and light a candle. They had a gorgeous crib complete with starry skies.

Crib Scene

Prayer Candles
 When we came out it had got dark and very very cold. But if anything the view was even more lovely.

Turin from on High

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