Monday, 20 October 2014

Some (not very) Milanese Moments

I just wanted to share some moments from this summer... it was glorious! Or at least it was in the UK. With the weather as warm as it is at the moment these pictures still feel seasonal, but that might be because I've been shut inside all weekend (we only ventured out for a trip to the recycling station and a coffee with mini cannoli) doing boxes boxes boxes. The move is fast approaching.

If you've been outside recently let me know how it is!

Harvest Sunset

Sun down Thistle down.
In the hazel coppice.

In a few hundred years time when archeologists pull my body out of the bog or whatever, they will deduce I was an agricultural labourer due to all the straw dust in my lungs that I inhaled that walk - but they will be wrong!

Sorry, was that a bit morbid?


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Lovely photos and I see you're planning to leave future generations a puzzle - but not for a very long time yet!

Anneka Lott said...

Such beautiful pics - love them :-)

Alistair Dunscombe said...

Really lovely colours in these pictures. I think we got away with quite a nice summer this year!

Beautiful photos as always :)