Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Do you know what it is?

Mystery Fruit

Finally I tried these at the weekend for the first time after seeing them out and about in the mountains. They aren't tomatoes or nectarines. They're eaten when very very ripe with a spoon. The flavour is subtle and the texture rather... jammy.

Anyone else tried them and liked them?


Marika said...

Oh yes, they are "cachi" and are delicious! :)

Rowena said...

Yes I know but alas! This year our tree did not produce one single fruit! A good thing we have supermarkets to save the day - I ♥ these!

Anonymous said...

This is caqui, here in Brazil. Wonderful fruit, delicious, marvellous, sensacional, gods' fruits.

Laruchka said...

My mum took one look and said 'Sharon fruit' which was a bit disappointing but now I know what they are in English too! As for Rowena.. I am so jealous of your tree, even if I'm not sure I like Cachi it's so... mountainy. Do you ever wish you lived in Milan? No thought not.