Monday, 29 September 2014

An Autumn Wedding in Piedmont

Yes! Here it is - the last wedding of the year. I didn't know anyone except my husband and the sposi so I dedicated myself to photography and trying all the flavoured confetti (sugared almonds). The buffet/anti pasti were something else.

This wedding felt very Italian. I think I was the only foreigner there. I met the bride online when I arrived in Milan and we hit it off as she was another new arrival, only from the provinces. This year has been another milestone for both of us.

I got to hear lots of the accent from the North of Piedmont - very entertaining after a few years in Milan. The lunch lasted a total of seven hours, although thankfully we didn't have to sit down for all of it. There were quite a lot of dancing, chanting, shouting and napkin-waving intervals!

I think the bride and groom had a lot of fun and they certainly gave it their all whenever the cry 'BACIO! BACIO!" went up :)

The bride arrives
A very cute little girl pretending to read - with the order of service upside-down!

Then they threw A LOT of rice and gave the groom the bumps... but that was only the start!

The location was a children's farm - so cute!

The average age of the guests wasn't the youngest of the weddings I've been to but they made up for it by being the rowdiest and getting the groom very tiddly!

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Stefano Accornero said...

Thank you so much Laura for the beautiful pictures and the subtle British humor!