Monday, 18 August 2014

A DIY Wedding in the Woods

I must have reached that time in my life when EVERYBODY starts getting married, because this year I have four weddings to go to, which feels like a lot but my friend has seven. Actually she was invited to more than seven, but she is wisely narrowed it down to avoid bankruptcy.

A good friend of mine from school got married in the New Forest last weekend and I was extremely excited to go. I had been waiting two years for an occasion to wear that particular dress and they are about as pretty and perfect a couple as you could hope to send on their wedded way. Ceremonies held outside are extremely rare in England, although I've seen plenty in Hollywood films. I think they'll take off in a big way in the next few years, well for summer weddings anyway!

Sure enough, despite the wonderful weather there's been in the UK this summer (I hear in Milan it's been terrible) we woke to a cloudy day of a wintry 13c with a forecast of rain showers.

Fortunately, the rain held off for all the important bits, but I caught a bit of a chill and a cough. I am very glad I wasn't camping like some others. The infamous colpo d'aria seems to afflict me even when outside of Italy these days... and to think I used to have immunity!

Peaches and Cream Bouquet
Buttons and Lace
The advantage of a cool evening though is that I didn't get all hot and sweaty on the dance floor, which was lucky as they had hired a ukelele band and I couldn't stay away. When I did take a breather I headed for camp fire where people were toasting marshmallows. I encouraged A to try one and he was somewhat repulsed (haha!).

Four Rosebuds - inspired hairdressing!
It was his first English wedding so I think the food arrangements were all somewhat novel (they had a hog roast), but unsurprisingly he was decidedly won over by the Pimms and vast quantity of desserts. We made orange shortbread hearts dipped in chocolate as our contribution and they were amazing. Only 5 ingredients but full of flavour. Recipe HERE

DIY centrepieces
When I told my Calabrian colleague about this arrangement (guests bringing homemade desserts) she shuddered at the thought of asking her family to do the same. When in Italy as a guest one must behave like a guest! All the same, I rather welcomed being able to help out and it was fun to add my personal touch to an already very personalised and creative wedding.

Night falls
So, a very unique and relaxed wedding all in all. The only down side is that the bride and groom started their  ceremony by asking us not to put pictures of them on the internet before they had vetted them so I'm a little restricted as to what I can post. In line with Italian rule interpretation guidelines, I have decided that they only intended photos in which they are identifiable... :)

First dance - no filters!

Camp Fire

Toasting Marshmallows


Alistair Dunscombe said...

A lovely few days, and some lovely photos. I'm glad you included the link to the recipe for the biscuits you made, because I forgot to ask you for it!

Rowena said...

That last thought in the 1st paragraphy summed it up pretty well for me. I adore weddings, but more than 2 or 3 a year and we'd be out of a 2-week vacation!