Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The 50 Ways Challenge

I was a bit unsure about posting this, but then I thought if I can't be an idiot on my own blog where-else am I going to do it?

I decided to take up the 50 ways challenge last week.

Nothing silly about that. The 50 ways challenge is where you take an object (I believe mailboxes are popular in the US) and photograph it in 50 different ways. It's a creativity challenge, aimed at pushing you into thinking outside the, er, mailbox. I had a spare afternoon on my hands, but no object. Until I spied Gino the very small rabbit.

I put my camera onto manual, although I left auto focus on (we beginners can't do it all at once!) and set to work. Unwittingly I had left my whitebalance on tungston some time ago and all my early photos have a decidedly blue cast. One day I will learn from these mistakes!

I got to 25 without too much trouble. 30 was a struggle. 40 was just about do-able, but I had to change locations. By 50 I had entered the land of absurd photography, if there is such a genre.

Meet Gino

Gino in opposites

Gino in gimmicks

Gino does feelings

Gino does shoot on set and I get increasingly desperate.

I think my favourite is Gino with film noir lighting and processing but somehow I don't think I'll frame any of them.

That was never the point though, and far as the point is concerned I think I certainly got to know my camera a lot better. I think I'll do it again with a more serious object next time.

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Rowena said...

Not only did you shoot 50 pics of Gino, but then you had to sit down and put them all together into 5 collages? I don't think my short attentin span would allow me to try this challenge. Brava to you!