Monday, 9 June 2014

San Tommaso and nostalgia cooking

The lucky ones of us do not burn in the shade!

The final weekend in May A finally didn't have to work all the way through it, so we grabbed the occasion and went up to San Tommaso, a wee chapel and small holding high on the mountain side over-looking Lecco. It was a stunning day. I burnt my shoulders whilst walking in the shade. We slowly made our way up the hill and had a good hard look at that view.

Over Lecco

 We had a look at the agriturismo, which has some amazing looking vegetable gardens and was set up like one of those toy farm sets you have as a child. There was a fountain in a wash house. The courtyard had a big tree in the middle with a big dog on a chain lying under it. It had a proper kennel and a cart full of proper hay - not wrapped up in bales. There was a very lucky family on a big trestle table eating some tasty looking food. I would have taken a picture because I get very excited when I see things that look like they should, but it felt a bit invasive.

San Tommaso, Valmadrera

Then we chose our picnic spot above the farm with an amazing view. It was hot but not so hot as to drive us into the shade. A perfect day. Shame we had to talk wedding, but with A being so busy he takes the opportunities when he gets them! We packed a big picnic complete with hard boiled eggs, tuna mayo sandwiches and banana muffins. It was a bit Famous Five-y (although I prefered the Secret Seven) but we didn't have any adventures, as I discovered as was actually quite tired, so we walked back down the track the way we had come up.

Then on the bank holiday Monday, I decided to celebrate the extra time by cooking some scrummy cinnamon buns. Authentic English cooking, as I was feeling nostalgic for real baking.

Sticky cinnamon buns - look at that glaze!
I fully recommend this recipe from the BBC. It takes several hours what with the dough needing to rise, but it's worth it if you have the time. It's the holidays now, and I'm at home raring to cook, but alas the heat has come and nothing will induce me to turn the oven on between now and October probably!


Rowena... said...

If I start up the oven early and get baking done by 11am, I'm good to go. I'm thankful that we only get up to 30°.

What a gorgeous place and view. We rarely get over to the other side of the lake.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

The buns look so tempting!

Laruchka said...

I'm probably stating the obvious here, but those buns were really good!