Sunday, 27 April 2014

Focaccia for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Ahhhh. The Easter holidays. I was very ready for them. I find this is the time of year when work starts to feel somewhat tiring and I start thinking what's the point of it all. Now I feel somewhat Sunday-eveninged and I'm already mentally dragging my feet tomorrow, but really it's all fine. It's only a three day week, after all! 

One of the biggest upsides to living in Italy is that it still maintains some of the traditional approach to work, which is, of course, to do as little as possible. Viva il ponte! Some people seem to think life is all about hard work and economics, but in order to be a good consumer, surely I need some free time in which to spend my money? Last year I saved a large percentage of my salary as all I ever did was bed-work-bed and so I am certain, the key to boosting suffering tourism and retail sectors is simply more holidays. Who's with me?! I'm surprised no politician has suggested this already.

We were a bit worried about our weekend away. The weather forecasts were terrible and A thought he was going to have to work, but I got more and more excited as the weekend got closer and all the problems melted away. The sun was out for two days and it was glorious!

I wish I had a bike with a basket
Admittedly it poured with rain today and we had to finish our mini-holiday early, but we felt so lucky because of what we had seen predicted.

Your favourite Cinque Terre
Liguria is my favourite region for food. Actually, it's probably my favourite region, but I don't feel like I've seen enough of Italy to offer an official opinion on that. We ate particularly well: Focaccia, focaccia, focaccia, a little torta verde, potato and octopus salad, ravioli with walnut sauce, seafood risotto, an assortment of anchovies, five-star ice-cream and the best sorbet in Italy. 

Looking Through
We spent our first afternoon walking around Levanto, saying hi to all my favourite bits and checking to see if anything had changed. Then we walked to Bonassola through the old railway tunnels for ice-cream and tea. It was all nicely relaxing and active at once.  

I wish I had a Prickly Pear
On our second day we headed to Vernazza, as A had never been there before. We wondered around until the crowd got a bit too much and planned our escape. The coastal path was heaving with people as it was the only section open, so we decided head up and out. Before we left, we got something to drink (tourist tip: if you really only need to use the facilities, stand at the bar and don't sit down!) and the pleasingly eccentric bar proprietor wanted to know our intentions. We tentatively described the walk we wanted to do and he exclaimed "BRAVI!" which was a relief. There is nothing more annoying than being told your itinerary is all wrong and that you've wasted a day, or even a holiday. He then gave us some really excellent and very detailed directions and we didn't go wrong once the whole 7 km until we arrived in Monterosso and I forgot where the station was. 

 Ice-cream coloured bed sheets to go with your ice-cream coloured house

It was so hot and sunny I got sun burnt on the back of my neck where I missed a patch with the sun cream. I feel I have stocked up on freckles and vitamin D quite thoroughly. Therefore it was not as dispiriting as it might have been to have to pack up and leave for Milan at least 7 hours before we had any intention of going. 

Where should we go on our next mini-break? Umbria? Sicily? La costa amalfitana?

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A trip down Wisteria Lane

I got a new toy. Can you guess what it is?

We spent Easter in Rivoli again. It's so in right now. It must be, because Hugh Grant is following me around again. That man likes his ice cream. It poured with rain all weekend which meant we could only get out of the house and get some exercise on Sunday morning. A welcome break from the relentless eating!

Wisteria Lane


Saint Mary of the Assumption

My favourite road
Castello di Rivoli

I love my new photo editing software! This last photo is my favourite. Just look at that sky. I couldn't have arranged it better myself!