Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013 - The year that was....

2013. The year that was a rollercoaster!

I started the year with very bad January blues and it didn't get much better, what with the 30 contact hour weeks I was working, work was taking over my life. It did however persuade me to accept a new position when it was offered to me again, for the following academic year. 

The only trouble was that it meant I ended up preparing for the new job (meetings, demos etc) whilst doing a rather intensive qualification on top of my full time job. If I thought work was taking over my life in January I discovered just how far work could take over my life in March, April and May, when a stomach bug and then a family funeral felt like a lifeline to escape from the chaos for just a moment. Rest in peace uncle Don. It wasn't the same without you this Christmas.

These three months were very difficult, as A was pretty busy too with his new job, and I still had to do the majority of the housework. In July A managed to bill a record 270 hours. When summer camp started the end was in sight. I had handed in my notice a month early when I found out I had to work 12 hour plus days. If ever there was a sign I needed a holiday - that was it! I actually had a blast working the summer camp, but it was, unsurprisingly, knackering. 

In July I headed back to my parents' house for a total rest and it was fantastic. I took photos, I painted, and saw a few friends. I got up early for bike rides. I revelled in not wearing a watch. 

When A and I got back to Milan at the beginning of September (officially engaged!) after our very energetic and exciting holiday (climbed two mountains!) in the Dolomites I was in the form of my life.

Unfortunately I crash landed rather at the start of the school year as I went straight into lessons with no time to prepare, but worse I was totally unprepared for the culture shock that awaited me. I  then proceeded to get ill constantly. I think I've had everything going around. I really hope I get the Primary School Teacher's Immune System in 2014. It's been a struggle, but not working weekends and evenings really helps you to rest. I feel, mentally, much more resilient, if not physically.

I've made so much progress though. If someone had told me in September that by December I would be the school 'expert' in Interactive Whiteboard foibles and would have prepared 24 six year olds for the Christmas show I would never have believed them.

My family, friends and A have been my rock this year. I'd like to say thank you to my Mum and Dad, A, Marta, Giulia, Ester, Marco and Andrea in particular. I'd also like to thank everyone who left kind or interesting comments on this blog.

I'm really hoping next year will be more serene and relaxed, but since A and I have a wedding to organise and want to move house at the end of the year it seems somewhat unlikely!

I wish all you readers a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014. 

Buon Anno!


Lu Milan :) said...

I feel your pain re work! 'revelled in not wearing a watch' just describes how i've felt down to a T these holidays! Fab blog post as usual, you're a great writer! Happy New Year my dear and i hope to see you very soon!! Lu xxx

Rowena... said...

A wedding to organize and moving house? I think I'll keep my seat belt on -- the rollercoaster ride ain't over yet!

Martiux said...

My dear...that was a really intense year..but you had some wonderful things too! I won't never forget when you told me about your wedding!I'm so incredibly happy for you!!
That's gonna be a fantastic year, do not worry!!I'll do the best to help you wherever you'll need!!


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I understand exactly how you feel and I wish you a clamer and happier New Year. Love from Sicily.