Monday, 26 August 2013

Photo Shoot with Kiaki

It's so much fun to have a photography assistant/model. Kiaki asked me to take some photos of her out on the balcony so I was trying out some classical poses, but then along came a thunderstorm which drove us indoors.

That's when the idea came to me to make a mini studio. I'm very pleased with the results, although they aren't perfect so I wanted to share because I've never done it before.

It was pretty easy to set up. We drew the curtains and got a table lamp and angled it almost parallel but slightly away from the curtain, and positioned it quite close to the face. Then I put the camera on a fast shutter speed - 1/100 - for the chiaroscuro effect (although I'm not sure that was optimal). So simple!


lauranium said...

I like the effect! I know how hard it can be to set up a homemade photo studio, I always waited until I had a semi professional one to use (which was only in college and highschool, but hey you take what you get). Maybe using a dim light for the second one from a different angle would have brought more detail to her body, without taking away from the total effect (and then you could shoot at a slightly slower speed). Maybe a smaller lamp? It was a thought. But I'm going to have to try this sometime, just to see what it would look like! :-)

Laruchka said...

Thank you very very much for your comment. A second light or at least some kind of reflective thing would have been great. We did try but the cable wouldn't stretch that far! In retrospect maybe we could have used a mirror, but that might have been far too bright. I'll have to give it another go with an extension cable.

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Great effects - you are clever!