Thursday, 22 August 2013

Momenti Torinesi

The Mole - icon of Turin (The view from the top is out of this world)
I love Turin.

 It's so chic, yet so rough. The city centre's architecture is far more elegant than Milan's but at the same time A freely admits there are places at night where he would very much not like to catch a red light.  Italians make most places sound like Lagos, so it's good to be sceptical. (when I got here well meaning friends rather unecessarily  put the fear of god into me about places like San Donato Milanese). However I saw some of these places after dark on the bus from Malpensa and I can assure you that they are well dodgy. I kept anxiously looking out the window everytime we stopped to see if one of the gangs was just going to open up the bottom of the coach and nick all our luggage. They didn't of course. They were busy smoking and bickering.

Piazza Vittorio - tram lines everywhere

Prostitutes are also people I don't see so much in Milan in town, but I see them everytime we go out for a night in Turin, although I thought at first they were just going out clubbing (they were more modestly dressed than most british lasses on a night out) until I realised they were a bit too evenly spaced out for that to be the case.

Evening in Turin

The above picture really demonstrates what I like about Turin. There are plenty of places for strolling and nattering complete with cobbles and balconies. It also hints at my pet peeve with Turin which is the lack of parking. Every street is always really full and has resulted in circling for hours only to arrive at the aperitivo to find the food has already been eaten, travel sick AND hangry.
The people are also one of the best things about Turin. It's A's home town and I have friends there so obviously I'm biased but they really are way more laid back and less concerned about impressing people than the Milanese. The night life feels far more chilled out and people seem to be in less of a hurry. They have style but they are not distressingly well dressed.

Look at this lady! You cannot find people like this in Milan. It's a rubbish photo but it does have matching dogs.

Anyway, since I'm not a native of Turin, so who best to tell you about their city than A's sister who's here to practise her English...

L: What's the best thing about Turin?

K: Piazza Vittorio, Via Roma.

L: What's on Via Roma?

K: It's the main street with the most popular shops like Luis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel. Like Via Montenapoleone only there is also H&M, Zara and Stradivarius. In the middle there is Piazza San Carlo where there is a statue of Carlo on the horse. Piazza Castello because there is Palazzo Madama.

L: What's that?

K: It's a palace who lived the royal family.

L: The worst thing about Turin?

K: No, I like so much Turin. Turin is better than Milan because it's more Baroque and the buildings are very beautiful.

You see... she's so loyal she won't even admit to there being a bad side!

Beautiful Architecture


Nerys said...

I really like Turin! What I like about Via Roma is how the street is all covered. The Mole's pretty spectacular too!

Laruchka said...

yes Turin is one of the few good places to go when it's raining!