Sunday, 11 August 2013

Cornwall in Black and White

I just spent a few days in Cornwall (La Cornovaglia) near Frenchman's Creek, the place that inspired the book of the same name by Daphne du Maurier, the author of Rebecca and My Cousin Rachel.  It turns out the place was very inspiring in general (and I can totally recommend the book too - historical romance and adventure at its best!)

Low Tide

The pirate ship really wouldn't have been able to get away at low tide, just as Ms Du Maurier describes, though it seems hard to believe that no one would have noticed it! I thought the creek would be a bit further away from the village.

Hearts and Stings

Up the Creek

We tried to Kayak down, but had no luck. The tide was not yet in enough for us to do the same as these people, although they did nearly ground. The paddling was a lot of fun although very tough on my arms. I was a bit nervous as my father thought it would be funny to make jokes about all my ancestors who were "drownded" in the Helford River, but once I found out how stable the kayaks were I really enjoyed myself.

The Jug

The house was an absolutely gorgeous Cornish cottage. Thick walls of stone and the classic four rooms. A kitchen and a living room with fireplace downstairs, some steep and narrow stairs and two bedrooms upstairs with a bathroom tacked onto the back. I thought it was the perfect size for me, cosy with not too much unnecessary cleaning to do (I used to have a bathroom with two sinks and they drove me mad). A however found the ceilings too low and repeatedly banged his head on the door frames.


We were really lucky with the weather, we had lots of sunshine and pretty clouds of the right kind and only a little drizzle, just enough to give the leaves a proper sparkling and my skirt a proper soaking walking through it all.

Dew Drops

I don't do a lot of B&W photography but Cornwall felt like the perfect place. It so steeped in history and attractive bleakness that even in summer the countryside never feels particularly genteel.

Which photo do you like best? I may still do a little more processing on them...


nicki said...

One of my good friends lives there, and that tree in your first photo is where they filmed one of Kylies videos! I blogged about it in January!

Laruchka said...

Oh wow! You even have a picture of the Shipwright Arms! The very pub where we got to eat amazing Fish and Chips and Hugh Grant didn't! Everyone loves Helford :)

Laruchka said...

Also which Kylie video was that?