Friday, 21 June 2013

You know you've been driving in Italy when... 10 things.

How have I not done one of these posts before? I need to put this right subito!

You know you've been driving in Italy when...

1. Speed limits are guidelines - not rules. 30km in a residential area? Most people are doing 50km at least!

2. You never reverse to park.

3. You change down to second gear before red traffic lights...

4. ...but you go round roundabouts in 3rd.

5. You get into the car and burn your hands on the steering wheel because you parked in the sun.

6. The traffic light is orange or there's a pedestrian waiting to cross - there's a very good chance you won't stop.

7. You know the difference between blue lines and white lines.

8. You risk parking tickets because you get confused by the words ferie and festivi (holidays) and feriali (working days including Saturdays).

9. People laugh at you if you tell them you don't beep your horn except in cases of emergency.

10. You frequently say "Ma che cazzo fa questo qua?!" to your passengers.

Have I missed anything? 


Grace Brandon said...

So would phrase in number 10 would be a useful one to learn? Sounds like it could be used at any occasion.

Laruchka said...

Ahem not really. "Che Cacchio fa questo Qua!?" Would be More wholesome !