Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Abbazia di Piona - with real monks!

One very hot hot day we went to the Abbazia di Piona on the Peninsular of Olgiasca on Lake Como again. It's usually serene and tranquil, and it managed to be so even with the building work going on.  

The Cloisters
 The monks were walking about in their robes, which is always quite exciting, if you're from a monk-less country like me.

Pilgrims and Olive trees
You can even buy rosaries made by a monk who fulfills both roles of hermit and exorcist. I was tempted to make a purchase, but I already own a rosary and I don't really do enough praying to warrant a second.


Rowena said...

Another place that's pretty much just down the road and we still haven't visited! Let's see, I will have to check if there's a sagra in the area, or perhaps stop by on our way to the lavender fields in Sondrio. How beautiful with all the olive trees.

Laruchka said...

You should definitely go, maybe wait for the works to finish though. There's also a lovely 2 and a bit hour walk around the penisular that leaves from the abbey car park.

Rowena... said...

Well it turns out that we visited this past Sunday and will definitely go back when they're done working on the outside. What a lovely and peaceful place to go for a stroll.