Saturday, 4 May 2013

Eurovision 2013 predictions

The final is on 18th May (two weeks away!) so I've done some research for you so you don't have to. I've picked out the most notable videos from this year's Eurovision entries. You'll thank me when you realise just how similar most of the entries are. I mean we know Eurovision's all about temptresses in short dresses and dance tracks or divas in long dresses and ballads but this year it's got out of hand.

The UK's song, whilst being yet another boring ballad by a female solo artist, is doing surprisingly well at the bookies, placing about half way but I would be very very surprised if it gets into the top 10.  I'm not even going to post a vid. It's called "Believe in me" and that's all you really need to know.

Marco Mengoni, the winner from San Remo is entering for Italy. As one of the very few male artists this year, I reckon he might do very well. 

The favourites are currently Denmark, with a song so eurovision it's almost a pastiche of recent winners. It's got pipes, drums, pop, dance, folk influences - everything!

The Norwegians have the best dance track, which will stand them in good stead. She has a nice Bjork-y type voice as well. Is it too similar to last year's winner, the Swedish Euphoria though?

The Dutch have the best female vocalist with Anouk and the very pretty song Birds. I feel this will definitely end up in the top 3.

Russia and Turkey always do very well at Eurovision, but Russia (despite nearly winning last year with the novelty granny band) has entered another female solo artist with a ballad, which probably isn't going to help them stand out from the crowd. Turkey hasn't even entered, so it will be intresting to see who Germany gives its 12 points to this year. 

Belgium's languishing in final place, but it's not clear why, as it's actually one of the more modern songs. We might have to vote for this underdog.

And finally two songs that you will either love or hate, or maybe just hate... 
Ukraine's song sounds like its a cheap version of a Lord of the Rings track for the first minute, then has a dramatic mood change and just gets more and more over the top as it goes on. Enjoy.

(I'm very sorry about the formatting - it just won't move left!)

However, Romania surely wins with this year's weirdest song category. I just have absolutely no idea what to make of it. Maybe it's better if you don't understand English.

What do you think? Could you pick a winner?

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