Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Easter in Rivoli

After some terrible weather, we were lucky enough an absolutely glorious day for Easter Sunday, the last day of March. I made the most of it by walking around Rivoli, a small historic town near Turin and taking a trip to the dizzying heights of the Sacra di San Michele, which is a monastary perched on top of a mountain promontory. It sits over the entance to the Valle di Susa below like a guardian angel. 

In short, I can't recommend it enough.

The Orange and the Ivy

Paisley Rust

The prettiest highstreet you ever did see

The Wise Man Built on Rock


Grace said...

You certainly have a great eye for a good bit of rust. Who would have thought it could look so good?

Laruchka said...

Thanks for the comment. Yeah it's a great bit of rust. I spotted it because it was quite large and the colours were so striking. Probably my favourite photo here.