Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Brilliance of Boredom

So first things first, you may have noticed I've turned my back on the interactive blog layout. I liked it, but I've been having a lot of problems with people not being able to comment, and I missed the archive and personalization of the old layout. So welcome to my new blog. Notice how the header now reaches all the way across! That's the view from the roof of the Duomo in Milan in case you were wondering.

I'd also like to invite you to write a comment at the end of this post (click where it says "no comments"!) so I can see if the comment section, which should now open as a separate window is foolproof, or should I say mum-proof?!


I spent a lot of this summer travelling around and generally having a very good time. But I did wonder if I was ever going to get the chance to get bored. I knew that if I was ever going to want to get back to work I was going to need to get really bored. And finally last week it happened. At home with A studying from dawn til dusk I suddenly found time to do all kinds of things I'd been meaning to do for ages.

I've got my computer fixed, finished my knitting project and my painting on top of a whole heap of other boring stuff I had been putting off.

The original inspiration taken at Porto Venere one cold winter's day.
I have been procrastinating so long it's been hung on the wall for months like this.
Finally the finished thing!

 The painting was originally conceived as an idea to cover another painting I'd done which I no longer liked and the knitting project was an attempt to use up some of the leftover wool from my knitting mania last year. Thrifty art is often the most rewarding though.

I used 12mm needles which was fortunate because I had decided to make a shawl style scarf which ended up at over 90 stiches wide. It had become exceedingly boring but then I discovered... TASSELS! It is now fringed in tassels, and given how easy it was I suspect a lot of other things are about to get covered in tassels.

Compare, plain snood I made last year to this year's project.

Plain and simple: last year

This year: Fringe heaven!

Want tassels on your scarf? I am your woman!


Rowena... said...

Here goes nothing...[rolling the dice.]

Rowena... said...

It works!

[Obviously, I have a few spare minutes to be bored with myself but I will spare you the tedious tales of housecleaning and pulling weeds in the garden.]

Laruchka said...

Wahey! Great stuff! It works!!

My mum once had a dream where she was weeding the garden. She said it was very long and boring, but the worst bit was waking up and looking out the window and realising it never happened.

John said...

What is that odd looking building in the background of the view from the Duomo? Looks like an ornate water tower with windows.

Laruchka said...

Haha that is Velasca Tower. I sometimes go there for work and the windows are really low and give me vertigo. It's supposed to be an architectural icon of Milan, inspired by medieval lombard fortresses.

Grace Brandon said...

What was that about the comment box needing to be Mum proof? Hmmmmm?