Monday, 10 September 2012

Photo Reportage - The Student (and his chocolate)

Studia, sottolinea, legge, fa una pausa, beve il caffè e finisce il cioccolato.

He studies, he underlines nearly all the words, he has a break and drinks some coffee. He eats all the chocolate and then goes back to highlighting.

The chocolate is Novi - if you are interested in ever trying some of the best Italian chocolate out there. It is seriously good stuff and probably very calorific which makes it a very satisfyingly chocolatey experience. It also comes with hazelnuts in to give the student extra brain power.

When I lived in the Dolomites I pretty much coped with my brand new teaching schedule by eating large quantities of the stuff. Despite this I lost a lot of weight which probably makes it a miracle food. In the end though it was seeming to cause my skin to break out.

Nowadays I have fewer spots but am fatter as I now eat my Novi in moderation.

Another really good chocolate to try, though somewhat pricier, is the artisan chocolate from Gobino, a famous chocolate maker in Turin. The Giandujotti come in little ingot shaped forms in gold, silver and bronze foil.

My absolute favourite (and A's and pretty much everyone-else-I-know's) are the silver ones. The secret recipe contains no milk but are somehow extremely creamy. MMMMMMMMM CHOCOLATE.

So if you have a birthday coming up or feel owed a Chrizzy prezzie just let me know which you would like to try.


A said...

Getting close to the exam, just one week to go. I am really tired of studying but not tired at all of eating chocolate and drinking coffee...

John said...

I didn't think Italians used the letter j - check your spelling for what is arguably Italy's finest chocolate confection.

Laruchka said...

Apparently the j is used in Piemontese!