Wednesday, 9 May 2012

What to do with a wet weekend?

What to do on a really rainy long weekend? Lake Como is always atmospheric. Staying at home and baking muffins is always gratifying.
Paint a rainy picture?

I chose this photo of Eilan Donan that I took last August. It looked paintable and I've been wanting to paint a big sky for some time.

The first sketch went well so I thought that that was a good sign. Good drawing days sometimes lead to good painting days.

And then I thought I'd take a picture of my 'studio' which was the only place with quality light in the flat.

Promising. I often paint skies too dark, so I thought I'd start with the sky this time and make everything else darker.

It seemed to be balanced enough.

And there it is finished. I don't think the photo does it justice because you can't really see how big it is but I'm pretty pleased. Not bad for 1 and a half hour's work.

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