Sunday, 20 May 2012

Too Much Excitement

It's all getting too much, I don't think I can handle this level of excitement any longer. Yesterday I had to watch A watch the penalty shoot out of the Champions League final. Then at four am I was rudely awakened by the shaking of the bed. Once I heard the car alarms going off and the door opening and closing, the shelves rattling and the hangers in the closet jangling I realised we were experiencing an earthquake.

"Amore! C'e' un terremoto! C'e' un terremoto! C'e' un terremoto!" I panted. "I know," was A's calm response. And then it died down again. Once my heart had stopped racing and I had resisted the urge to go online and check the size of the earthquake I went promptly back to sleep. We haven't felt any of the aftershocks in Milan.

I'm starting to feel quite fed up with this whole earthquake business, after the few we had back in January, the novelty is really starting to wear off. They've been very similar. A remarkably rhythmic shaking accompanied by rhythmic shaking noises, and I don't really want to find out what it feels like any stronger.

But what's keeping my heart rate raised even more than earthquakes, is the prospect of Eurovision.

I've been doing my research on the site and I've come up with a list of songs to watch.

We've got France with quite a modern number, but it's up against quite a similar and catchier number  and favourite from Sweden. The second favourite with the bookies is the Russian novelty act, but quite frankly I hope that's just people betting with a sense of humour.

Other songs that I hope very much won't win Eurovision are the Austrian entry (is it ironic or not?), Montenegro (is that Borat's cousin?) and the dire facebook song from San Marino (how is she going to sing this live?). It wouldn't be Eurovision without them but all the same.

You can never pick a winner. I've never been able to at least. But countries to tend to win with votes from all over Europe and a wide margin, so theoretically it seems like it should be possible.

My favourites since you ask are the soft and sweet 'Love will set you free' by the UK and big and bold 'L'amore e' una femmina' by Italy (of course). I fear that Serbia's entry might be a little too close for comfort to the UK's which might be a disadvantage given that we are the first song on, but the chances of it winning were slim anyway!

I'd like Italy to win, but I'm not sure they'd appreciate it. The population here needs educating about the joys of Eurovision, and I'm on a one-woman mission to do it. Anyone gonna join me?

Finally I leave you with a link to the Irish entry. Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Oh no! How can you not love the Montenegro entry? The donkey massage scene!