Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Chemical Snow and the Earthquake

This winter has been a little odd.

Sometimes we have traditional winter Milan weather. Freezing fog and the other day we even had a little "chemical snow" caused by pollution and very cold fog. Yuck. Pretty though! Sometimes I like the fog. Especially at sunset. It makes everything feel surreal and florescent.

It is considerably less pretty in the pitch dark.

And on a totally unrelated topic (or is it?!) we had an earthquake of magnitude 4.9 this morning. I was in bed recovering from a bad night's sleep so it was definitely not the most relaxing lie-in. My main concern was that the heavy bookshelves would fall on me. As soon as it was over (and it seemed to go on forever though it was probably only 40 seconds) and I couldn't see the walls jiggling and the cupboards had stopped jangling I rang A.

"I told you those shelves needed fixing to the wall!"

"Just move sides of the bed." he said.

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