Monday, 14 November 2011

Now what?

Berlusconi has resigned. A. says he never thought he'd live to see the day, which is quite frankly ridiculous given that the man is 50 years older than him.

Now what?

I reckon he'll be back.... in some form or another!

What I really hope is that it's not too late for public television. It would be nice to watch some actual news for a change.  Normally obsessed with reporting on Berlusconi's movements, he's been keeping a low profile the last few months and has left them with pretty much nothing to report on apart from the Sollecito-Knox trial. You would have thought they would have shown a shot of Berlusconi consoling the inhabitants of the flooded out towns in Liguria, but maybe even that was too risky after he told the victims of the last disaster to pretend they were on a nice camping holiday.

Hence this once in a lifetime scoop from Rai 1: In Autumn it gets cold.

I particularly like the bit when the Moldovan lady tells them "it's not actually that cold." Also check out the shot of the trams in Milan. Nice.

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