Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Writer's Block

So there we have it, a month after my triumphant assertion that the blog is back, I am at a loss for words.  There are several reasons for this.

Firstly I have started my new job, and it's very time and energy consuming. I am putting a lot of pressure on myself at the moment to up my game in the classroom (the new school uses new methods and materials to my previous school) and it's not left me with much enthusiasm for blogging. Certianly it's not left me with enthusiasm for teaching blogging.

Secondly I have become more aware through a couple of chance encounters via the net that the internet is not as anonymous as I believed it to be (ie: somewhat). If I can recognise people's blogs that were perhaps not meant for my eyes then there's no guarantee they won't find mine. So I won't be writing about my professional life any more (not that I wrote about it much anyway). Its simply not professional.

So I am wondering about why I have an urge to write about my life publicly at all. If I have to self-censor where's the freedom of expression? I enjoy reading other people's blogs where they recount their run-ins with waiters etc, but I don't think they worry too much about offending these people in "real" life anyway.

I saw an interesting article that said if you want to write you should a) start writing, b) continue writing and c) write the kind of thing you enjoy reading.

So if I follow that logic I shouldn't be writing a teaching blog. A living in Italy blog maybe, but nothing too cliche, and probably an arty blog would work well. But then if what I really like reading are confessional blogs then....

.....and round and round we go.

If I am really honest, what I REALLY like doing is looking at food blogs' tasty pictures, but we can eliminate that from the possibilities because I do not do pretty cooking.

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