Tuesday, 25 October 2011


At about 9 o'clock on Friday night I got an unexpected phone call. I had just got back from work and was slumped on the sofa when my phone went off. A was with me, so I had no idea who could be ringing me. An unknown number.

"Devo consegnare una busta," said an unfamiliar male voice. He had an "envelope" for me.

It sounded quite shady but he knew my address and he was insisting that I come outside and meet him....  so I did.

There was no-one there....

Perplexed, I went back up to the flat. 5 mins later the doorbell went. Aha! And there was a delivery man on the video phone.

I ran down again and recognised that envelope and signed for it straight away. It was my photo-book from Snapfish.

I decided to be frivolous and make my own portfolio (no not for modelling, just my own photography) and now I am really happy I did so.

The quality of the print is very nice, and it feels really nice to have all my best photos from the last 6 years in one place. Definitely worth the money (it was expensive even with the discount).

It totally made my Friday evening!

Perhaps I'll make another in another 6 years. 


Maddelaine Green said...

Mi sembra un bel regalo da concedersi. :)

Laruchka said...

Grazie per il commento Maddelaine. :)