Monday, 19 September 2011

The Fear

I suppose I knew in the end that the day would come. It wasn't really a surprise. I had already come up with my coping strategy, but sadly even the best laid plans fail.

A's foodie Dad has announced that he and his foodie girlfriend would like to come and visit us in Milan for the weekend.

That I have no problem whatsoever with. They are very welcome, too. I told them so. And then craftily I added "and A will cook you something really tasty."

But they weren't having any of it. They know he can cook and they want to try something English. 

 "Well maybe I'll make a dessert," I tried to fend them off. No luck there either, they've already eaten my cakes before.

*Insert four-letter-word of your choosing!!!*

You might think I am overreacting but the pear-puddle-pudding (pear crumble) and the milk soup (leek and potato) speak for themselves. I cannot cook under pressure even with idiot-proof recipes.

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