Tuesday, 23 August 2011

From the freezing North to the sweltering South.

How do you go about beating the heat in Milan in August? We all know it's hot but I started to feel concerned when friends advised that I "prepare" before coming back.

Now I don't know about you, but I'm still not exactly sure how one prepares for heat such as this. My only idea was to wear plenty of layers while still in the UK so that I could simulate it and then feel less overwhelmed on arrival. That plan was pretty quickly scuppered.

Firstly I had just spent a week in the highlands of Scotland, where when it wasn't raining it looked mostly like this.

Not that that was bad for the photos, but it did mean by the time I made it back to 18c I put on shorts to celebrate. 

Secondly it was a bad idea because I ended up carrying my coat all around the airport and it was a bit of an encumbrance because I spent a long time looking for my lost luggage (somebody had taken it off the conveyor belt and left it behind some chairs but I only saw it after I had queued to report it missing).

So as I am totally unprepared for this stuff A. has been sharing his top tips with me. Namely not eating a dish of steaming polenta washed down with mulled wine.

I've taken his advice and here are my own top tips.

1) Move to the seaside or don't go outside.

2) Don't put the cooker on. Salads only. If you're lucky you will get some fruit that will ripen quickly.

3)Stay still in front of the fan. Stay very still. Sleep.

4) Blog.

Off for a nap.

Stay cool. x

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Maddelaine Green said...

I'm drinking lots and lots of water... It's the only suggestion I'm following... but it's not helping much. :)