Monday, 29 August 2011

The Blog is Back

The blog is officially revived. Much like the basil, that was brown and dry when we came back from holiday, it is flourishing once more, (though admittedly it - the basil- might take time to return to its former glory).

I have had a very creative summer. I think I really needed this break from working. I have started all kinds of projects. One of the most time consuming was the building up of a portfolio for my photography. I have renewed my enthusiasm for learning to knit via youtube vids and have accomplished two scarves with one more in the pipeline. I have resurrected my German, been dreaming in French and regenerated my English (I was starting to sound a bit odd).

I also got my beautiful friend Em to pose for me again and let me take another portrait of her. This is the finished result.

It's a fairly large painting (for me) on canvas in acrylics so please do click on it to get a better view. I am really pleased with it. I have painted her before, (unfortunately no photo available), but this time I really feel like I got a good likeness. Except of course she still looks better in real life. Hey ho.

All this artwork has reminded me of my survey that I put up on my blog to learn more about what direction people thought I should go... It was... oh a good few months ago. So far only six people have voted, and one of them was myself. I voted for more art by the way, so I'm obviously on the right track. If I exclude myself from the results, the result is a tie so I'd like to take this opportunity to ask you, if you haven't already, to vote yourself. The survey is over on the right hand side of the page under my profile. You can vote for multiple options if you so desire.

You have until midday October 1st!

Thank you very much.

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