Wednesday, 8 June 2011

My Very First Italian Wedding

While I was a student I spent six exciting months in the capital of bureaucracy - Brussels. The bureaucracy was thrilling (not as sarcastic as you think), but my real reason for going there was to learn to speak French. I ended up with Italian house mates who had Italian friends so instead I got an Italian immersion and was doomed to practise French every now and again. Mainly in restaurants.

At the end of those six month we had to say goodbye, and while I intended to keep in touch with them, I foresaw a future based mainly on emails. But sometimes fate has a different plan for you, and for romantic reasons I ended up in Italy after all. Now I feel really blessed to have old friends in a new country.

This weekend my wonderful friend got married in the achingly romantic city of Verona (ignorance is bliss and so we shall choose to ignore Verona's xenephobic underside). The city hall is next to the Arena, which is a more complete version of the Colosseum in Rome. The reception was in the middle of the vineyards in the surrounding hills. The setting really was perfection.

And of course Valentina's boyfriend husband is a "bit of a legend" and so everybody was really happy they were getting married, including his crazy medic friends. A maintains that this is the proof of the old adage that people from Verona are crazy.

Veneziani grand signori,
Padovani gran dotori,
Vicentini magnagati,
Veronesi tuti mati.

The rhyme also says that people from Vicenza eat cats, so I don't think we can read too much into this. Besides medics as a profession tend to be a bit mental.

I digress.

It was a really beautiful day, the sun came out and shone and we escaped with only a thunderstorm. Apparently here though it is thought to be lucky if it rains on your wedding day. Sposa bagnata, sposa fortunata. 

It was a very nice wedding too with all the things weddings should have, lots of food, wine, dancing, smiles and photos (I took my new 50mm lens and it worked a treat). I was a bit outraged that there were no speeches as I was really looking forward to someone dishing the dirt on the groom but they tell me it's not the done thing here.

I'll quit my jibber jabber now because I know all you really want to see is a picture of the dress.*

Auguroni to the happy couple!

*Note on the dress: I have been informed that cleavage and bare shoulders are a no-no for wedding dresses in church or at the town hall so that is why the bride is wearing a shawl in 29c.

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