Thursday, 16 June 2011


Last post I bitched about my new school course, but the upshot was that the next day I went back and clarified a few things and a couple of teachers said "hi" and it was all OH SO much better. I think some of these kids must have a very good English teacher. And I suspect they are actually English as the children's pronunciation sounds UK, (before they see the word written on the board anyway). What did they do that impressed me so much? 

Today we "went" to the zoo. They "bought" tickets and received a leaflet. I asked them to imagine what animals they might see.

Lion! Tiger! Giraffe! Snake! Elephant! Bear! Monkey! Zebra! Monkey! 

I wrote them all on the board and tried to elicit some more even if my imagination was running out.

One small boy put up his hand eagerly jumping up and down in his seat.


"It's already on the board, thank you."

"MUNKAYS! MUNKAYS!" called out another boy in unison.

I moved as if to move on. The monkey fervour was getting a little irritating.

"MUNKAYEEZ WITH 'S'" cried the boy again even more desperately.

Ohhhhhhhhh riiiiiiiight.Well, OF COURSE! What fun is a monkey unless it is plural?!

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