Monday, 13 June 2011

An Opposite Post

Here's how I started at my new school course today, except for fun, I am going to tell it in opposites.

I arrived at the school and went in (no wait, that bit's true). I immediately knew where to go because the head teacher was waiting to greet me. The head did not on any account leave a six year old to show me to my classroom, but took me there her/himself. On the way s/he pointed out to me where the toilets and entrance to the garden were and introduced me to some other teachers.

Upon arrival at the classroom the students were already there, ready with their books and pencil cases. I was introduced to the class and the class were brimming with enthusiasm for English, despite school finishing on Friday. Nobody was inexplicably absent and there was a professional adult to verify the addition of the new student to the class and the identity of the others.

I learnt everybody's names within in a minute.

I did not forget about my lesson plan.

Towards the end of the lesson some students arrived to fetch things from their classroom before lunch. They knocked on the door before entering and agreed to wait for two minutes while I finished my class. They waited patiently and shut the door after themselves. They were very polite about the fact I was in "their" classroom as they recognised I was a figure of authority.

When I finished my class my students waited patiently by the door until a member of staff came to collect them for lunch. I was not left guessing about the lunch time procedure while my pupils vanished into the distance.

I left in a calm state of mind with a satisfied feeling of being welcomed at a new school and a sense of some rapport established with my new pupils.

Then I went to lunch with A and ate tasty ice cream.

That last bit did actually happen. That's a relief.

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Opposite post:
I really hated your latest post ;)