Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Order is restored.

I haven't written much in the way of blog posts recently. No, instead I've been very busy with work as all my students try to catch up on all their lessons before the exams. The end in sight is near because today we had our first exam session. Little boys and girls came in from other schools for their speaking exam and they were all BEAUTIFUL.

Not only were they beautiful, they were delightful. My job was to keep them from talking as they waited for the exam. It was harder than I thought as they had memories like goldfish. I also made the mistake of looking at the news on my computer.

"William and Kate! William and Kate!" they cried jumping up when they saw their photo.

Yes, it is. SHHHHHHHH! But they had royal wedding fever bad. Very bad.

Then they got uncontrollable giggles when they saw a photo of an African lady in a hat shop. No idea why. I turned the computer off.


Finally they were all extremely anxious as to whether they should knock on the door or not if I had already opened it, so I made the mistake of telling them to ask me (as opposed to their friends) if they had any questions.

"Do you have any pens?" said one tiny girl brightly. "Pens? Huh? You don't need a pen." I said. "Who's got a pen?"

"I have a pet!" offered another girl. "Oh right, no, I don't have a pet," I said.

And then followed a whole flood of personal questions from the other kids.

"Why not?"

"Describe your apartment!"

"Do you have any brothers or sisters?"

"What was the weather like two days ago?"*

The last question utterly confused me. I smiled and nodded at them in a way I hoped was both authoritative and warm until it dawned on me.

"Excellent," I replied, and order was restored.

*I wish I could have seen the examiner's face when he trotted that one out.

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