Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Fashion Update

I have a feeling that a fashion update is way over due. I think I've only blogged about once so far, but I'm sure you're all itching to hear about the latest trends from the fashion capital.

The reason it's taken me so long to blog it is because this season's trends are hard to identify.The shops are bulging with white, peach and beige and floaty garments ad nauseum, (Vale - if my frock is the same colour as your wedding dress I am truly sorry but beige and peach make me look like death). Double denim is back. High waists, nautical themes and white capri pants are in.

OK, so what I really mean is that it's hard to identify a trendy person.

I think it's mainly because these trends were exactly what people were wearing before. The Fillipinas have always been big on denim jackets so I'm not really sure when I see a young woman in doubling her denim, if she's been reading vogue, or still wearing her 90s fashions. Light light denim is back too, so that middle aged lady in the high-waisted, tight, washed out jeans is bang on the money. Especially when she partners it with a shiny red belt.

The gypsy girls in their long floaty skirts, t-shirts and sandals are back in fashion too.

The Milanese dames have always been stick thin, sun-damaged and dressed in a nautical fashion during the summer, so their white trousers, jackets and stripy navy tops are no indication of trend awareness either. Actually some of the girls I have seen this week looked anorexic enough to put you off your lunch. I don't remember them being so thin. (Have they been swaddling themselves in puffa jackets this winter or has a new rehab centre opened?)

Frankly I have almost given up critiquing people's outfits on the metro. We truly have come to the point on the cool circle whereby the fashionabled and the fashiondisabled are indistinguishable.

And what about where you live or is this only the case in Milan?

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