Thursday, 14 April 2011

I just got a little more Italian

Look. I'm a proper Italian housewife!

Along with my new cleaning obsession I also recently made the best lasagne EVER!  I would make a great casalinga if I had more time.

It really was a masterpiece of vegetarian cookery.

I just got that little bit more Italian and it's not only my culinary skills that are benefiting. The other day I explained an Italian joke that used word play to A because he didn't get it.



(They were dancing to Shakira's 'Loca' with a goose- l'oca - sock puppet on their hand. I am so proud! )


Katia said...

I want some of that LASAGNA!!!! It does look GOOD!!!!!

Marta said...

It looks very gnammy!! Could you repeat please for sunday? Just joking..maybe I'll do something lighter :)

Luke Darracott said...

Cook for me. Send some to Moscow... That'll work right? Num num num

Grace said...

Now you know what to write about to get people to post comments!