Friday, 22 April 2011

A cheeky bit of blogging

My friend Nikkichik has come to stay and as we all know a good host doesn't leave their guest unattended at 10am when the guest may want breakfast/tweezers/towels etc...

So why am I doing a cheeky bit of blogging? Because Nikkichik is one of those rare and excellent guests with a capacity to entertain and fend for themselves and coincidently can sleep past 11.

It's been so great having her here. I love the fact that she always arrives in a faint whirlwind of chaos and breathes fun and hyper into everything we do (yesterday's activities: shopping for dresses and shoes, picinic in the park, impressionists, ice cream, aperitivos, easter egg hunt).

She arrived on Friday with no phone at an airport along way from an unfamiliar city where she doesn't speak the language. I offered to meet her at the Duomo, but she reckoned no she could make it to my work unaided. I waited nervously. I checked my phone every so often even though I realised it would be useless.

But nevertheless there she was at my work ten minutes late but ready to go. She looked a bit surprised when she saw that I already had my jacket on and had locked up. "Ooh am I late? I don't have a watch."

Nikkichik is gradually dispensing with the modern trappings in life that the rest of us would find to be essential. First it was the phone, then the watch, she's also done away with the handbag and the purse (loose change in the boots and notes in the bra). Next she says the laptop's going.

I admire her but  I don't think I'll be following in her footsteps. I find all that stuff pretty useful for my job. Plus, you wouldn't believe the amount of change that fell out when I picked up her boots. How can she walk?!

Anyway, when she wakes up there's tea and cake awaiting her on the balcony.

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