Thursday, 3 March 2011

Goat Cushions and Fox Scones

Excuse me for a lazy post but sometimes life seems so messy. It's Thursday evening - I need to write my blog, but nothing tessellates.

What have I done this week? Well... I have been to Olgiasco on Lake Como for an exhilarating ramble around the beautiful peninsular and the peaceful Abbey of Piona, gone food shopping and cleaned the floors. Then I finished my goat cushions and went to a well known furniture shop which destroys my soul but at the same time makes me spend loads of money on things that will allow me to make scones in the shape of foxes... or moose in the shape of a moose.

The weeks at work are whizzing by with mock exams and marking, setting homework, checking homework and trying to give students a gentle reality check. All of this is interspersed with trips to the Doctor's, getting shoes mended and other errands.

I feel a bit like I'm getting swept away by the craziness of the mundane, drowning in trivialities, losing myself in the daily grind... In short I need a holiday. Fortunately next week is Carnival and a bit of a respite. I'm looking forward to it. I need to find myself again. After all, the daily grind is what life is made of.

A randomly asked me when I was going to make my giant cushion.
"I just don't know! I have so many projects in my head!" I cried despairingly.

When a non-existant manta-ray pillow is stressing you out you know its time to take a break.

Uninspiring Cushion

Goat templates

Many hours of sewing later...
Billy Goat's Gruff


Luke Darracott said...

I want a goat cushion!! Do you do other animals?

Laruchka said...

Could do but A is starting to veto me putting animals on everything... I wanted to put giant golden parrots on the curtains :)