Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Am I the only one?

Today is a terrific day for you, Scorpio. You finally seem to have a grasp on your thought processes and inner emotions. You will feel extra sensitive and loving, and people will be drawn to you because of it. You're able to look at your feelings in a rational, levelheaded manner instead being at the mercy of your wildly fluctuating emotions.

I just chose it from the site that google provides when looking for your horoscope. Definitely not been acting in a level headed manner today. No sir.

I did however got in touch with three friends from uni who I hadn't spoken to for aaaages today (I have been hanging around on Messanger all this time while everyone else had moved to Skype). This I felt was more significant (and fecking amazing) than my supposed lovingness. If ever I had done anything vaguely horoscopey in a day "getting in touch with people from your past" would have been it.

OK, this is anecdotal evidence, and not a valid scientific test, so if the sceptics aren't convinced by my scepticism, when I was 16 I did an actual scientific test. I literally cut the horoscope page out of my favourite magazine at the time and stapled it into my diary in the hope of finding some correlation every month for about a year. Mum was not impressed. "That's not very Christian of you!" she said decidedly disapprovingly when I asked her if she thought there was anything in it.

Regardless of its unorthodoxy the results were decidedly disappointing. Disappointing enough for me anyway. I relegated astrology to the box of interesting claptrap. And I still haven't heard anybody in Britain discussing it really seriously.

So I was in for a big surprise when I moved to Italy. Some days I feel like I am the ONLY one who doesn't believe in it. At my interview I was put under pressure to sign the contract on the same day and as I stalled in order to buy time I said "I don't like making decisions quickly." "What's your sign?" asked my interviewer. "Scorpio." I said. "Ahh that explains it". I looked up at her, but she was serious.

My boss, to my amazement, explained to a visiting parent the nature of her daughter's problems by putting it down to her star sign. Even the Buddhist monk from time to time says, "You don't need me to explain to you why astrology is important." YES, YES, I DO!

His explanations so far have been limited to "just think of the influence the moon has on the tides," "and people have been doing this for centuries." Given that he's a wise man it's a little worrying, (but the good thing about Buddhists is that they tell you not to believe what they say until you've tried it out).

So notwithstanding the dubious scientific background to it, what happens if you don't act like your star sign? Maybe I'm not really a Scorpio? Someone was equating being a "typical Scorpio" with anti-Semitism the other day and I'm not anti-Semitic.  To top that off I've been told by a fellow Scorpio that I'm not "evil enough".

So there we have it. My birth certificate must be wrong instead then.

A has a told me something sweet about one of his fellow interns who is an ardent communist. Said colleague told A that everyone would be communist if it was explained to them properly. People are just ignorant and misguided and that's why they are right wing.

I used to think like that too, until I had a few conversations with people and pretty soon learnt that it doesn't matter how reasonable your own views are to yourself nobody will ever think just like you. Not even if you explain it to them for a MILLION years.

It's quite hard to come to terms with actually and although I've managed to accept this on issues such as women's rights and racism, I have yet to manage it with astrology. I still expect the person to bust out laughing or a quick internet search on proof that full moons do not cause homicide rates to go up to change their minds, but experience says that this is not going to happen.

Not in Italy anyway.

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