Thursday, 3 February 2011

Winter Sun on Sant' Ambrogio

A couple of weeks ago we went out for a trip with the camera to the atmospheric area of Sant' Ambrogio. San't Ambrogio is Milan's patron saint and also the name of a stupendously old church. It dates from the 4th century so its a simple building with a mix of styles from different epochs. One thing hasn't changed though, Sant' Ambrogio hasn't left his church and you can seen him today in all his grisly gory glory.

To get there however we needed a bus and we missed it. This meant we had to walk, but fortunately there were plenty of things well worth looking at. This is the Basilica San Lorenzo from the back. (I think it looks better from the back).

 The two guys on this motorbike were definitely breaking the law, but I don't think it bothered them. They were quite excited to be included in the picture.

 And here we are near Sant' Ambrogio itself. I think it was at this point that I realised the light was too far gone for the pictures I had had in mind.
It was still beautiful though! When we arrived the sun was almost set and the top half of everything was covered in gold.  

We had a look at some of their ancient frescos, the man himself and then went on our way. By the time we hit the January sales it was completely dark but Via Torino was still heaving. We pushed our way through the crowds and I could feel desire for buying things evaporating. Shopping on Saturday in Milan is not for the Milanese. 

Until I saw this really cute navy buttoned skirt that is.


Luke Darracott said...

Lovely photos! Really nice.

Really Rach said...

Pretty photos pretty girl. I want to come and seeeeeee xx