Thursday, 17 February 2011

Reasons to like February

If I had to pick a least favourite month February would win. I know a lot of people would choose November, but my birthday is in November and so that makes the whole month a lot more bearable. No, it would  have to be February. It's the middle of the brown season and Spring is showing very little sign of ever remembering the world. There are no holidays and this year there isn't even pancake day.

However there are a few reasons why I'm starting to forgive February this year. It has it's own ways of cheering me up. The first is Valentine's day. Any excuse for flowers in the house is surely a good thing and A really excelled himself this year, I am a lucky lady.

I made him a Love Heart card but they don't have the sweets in Italy so he didn't know what it was. FAIL.

Then there is Carnival. My friend had a fancy dress themed birthday party in honour of the carnival season. Here we are. Aren't we magnificent? Can you guess what the theme was?

The birthday girl (centre) won the Oscar, and A was happy as ragioniere Filini, Fantozzi's best mate in many Italian comedies. He came joint third with Napoleon.

Plus Carnival gives you a great excuse to eat deep fried sugary "bugie" which is another mood booster. Until the sugar come-down at least.

Finally, and this is more of a personal reason, February has introduced me to loads of great crafty blogs which are giving me tons of inspiration. I'm creating a little sacher torte box of creative things. Yep, even the playing cards have come to fruition.

Bird Power! May my Eagle Owl bring you wisdom, my Song Thrush bring you creativity, my Blue Tit, intimacy and my Jackdaw, courage until Spring arrives.

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