Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sistemare - to Sort out

Paperwork, red tape, bureaucracy, whatever you want to call it: it's time I learnt to deal with it. I think it's pretty clear now that I'll be living in Italy for at least another year or two. Whilst it's a bit scary giving up that sense of roaming as I have done the last few years, (I've hardly stayed more than 6 months in one place since 2007) a few trappings of adulthood would come in handy.

Like a bank account; payment in cash is worrying and inconvenient, whereas a bank account is merely worrying (here you have to pay fees every month).
Or maybe I should learn to drive on the right. It's not fair that I expect A to drive wherever we go because I'm terrified of roundabouts and the autostrada.
How about a tessera sanitaria? I can't get prescriptions for my bloody awful cough until I get one.
And then my EHIC runs out in Spring. I could do with getting the Italian version of that too given my ability to attract accidents/ unusual health problems (check out the latest: inhaling chilli).

First things first I need residenza. I can't do anything until I have my certificate of residency. I tried to do this last year, but my contract was crap and it required all kinds of paperwork I didn't have, and I didn't understand the helpful official very well. I have a better contract this year so I went back to the same office, ready with multiple photocopies of every conceivable document but this time I need an appointment. Sigh. I made an appointment last time but then they made me queue up for a ticket like everyone else...

So the 22nd is D-Day. I and a trusted friend who has kindly agreed to be my second pair of ears (because goddamit I'm not being turned away a third time and not understanding why) and a mini dictionary are off to the commune again.... I'll let you know how it goes, hopefully it won't make for great reading.

Unlike last night's taxi fiasco. Is it possible to strike about all the strikes? I think the transport posse are taking it too far. I arrived five minutes too late to the metro to find it shut and myself on the wrong side of Milan. Took a taxi home. It cost 37euros. Yesterday I made 38euros, so I suppose at least I am 1euro better off, but I could have done without the previously-normal-seeming taxi driver asking me in coded Italian if it's normal to be bi, asking me out to dinner, and trying to unzip my boots.

A big thank you to A who is spending his free moments at work helping me research bureaucratic procedures.

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Katia said...

same thing here with the taxi home....24euros for me tho. So, my last lesson paid for it...freaking sciopero!!!!